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MWPMS Making Memphis Debut with Championships On the Line

September 15, 2019

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RECAP: Full US Street Nationals 2019 Coverage

February 13, 2019

2019 US Street Nationals Coverage

Straight Line Media

Kyle Christ

Pro Modified


Pro Modified was a show of broken records, both personal and class. Starting Thursday with testing, we saw repeated 3.66 runs from both Mac McAdams and Jay Cox. Saturday night we witnessed the fastest pass from a Pro Charged equipped car in the world. Kevin Rivenbark was able to produce a stellar 3.613 at 207.37, which was low ET of the event. This also broke the current Pro Boost record in PDRA, though not official, he will be a force to be reckoned with when the season begins in April at GALOT Motorsports Park. Rivenbark was also the number 1 qualifier, going 3.634 at 207.08 with Daniel Pharris right behind him with a 3.678 at 218.87, and 2-time Pro Nitrous champion Jason Harris not far behind, being the fastest nitrous car producing a 3.700 at 201.29. Two rounds of competition were completed before the race was called due to weather.



Radial VS the World


Radial VS the World was everything it is hyped up to be and more. During testing, radial star Tim Slavens produced an amazing 3.643 at 214.79 with Jeff Sitton right behind him at 3.647, leaving hopes high for qualifying and giving some hope to see the first 3.5x on a radial tire. The top qualifier award was given to John Carinci going 3.724 at 214.18 with newcomer Justin Swanstrom just two thousandths of a second behind with a 3.726 at 195.10. The first two rounds were very exciting, with the marquee matchup of Mark Micke and Tim Slavens, meeting in the first round of competition. Micke was able to get the advantage off the tree and take Slavens out running a 3.724 at 211.71 to Slavens quicker but loosing 3.705 at 213.87. Two rounds were ran, with the third in the water. Carinci and longtime radial racer Dwayne Mills ran, with Carinci breaking the tires loose and hitting the wall. It was after this incident that the race was called due to weather.



Outlaw 632

Johnny Pluchino. Enough said. Comes in to qualify in the top spot with a 4.204 at 170.03 and proceed to get faster with each pass. Mike Oldham was in the second position running a 4.246 at 167.41. Outlaw 632 is one of the most, if not the most competitive classes in drag racing right now, and this group that qualified proves it. Qualifying was a struggle for some, but once first round rolled around, they were able to get ahold of the track and put the power down. Pluchino had low ET of the race with a 4.180 at 170.26. The PDRA champion showed up to race and was not playing games. The biggest shock was during round two, when Troy Blake and Dillon Voss met. Voss turned it red, and Blake had a huge nitrous explosion. The decision was made to award the win to Blake, because he was able to stage under his own power.


Ultra Street

The Ultra Street record was broken by none other than Joel Greathouse. He was able to record a stellar 4.626 at 152.15 with the wheels in the air and driving 700 feet. If the nose was to stay down, it would have been in the 50’s without a doubt. The competition was fierce, though not a full field, still a great showing. Right behind the #1 qualifier (Greathouse) was Brian Keep with a 4.639 at 150.52. First round was full of surprises, with many upsets. Ultra Street was set to run after round two of Radial VS The World.



Heavy Street


One of the most diverse classes in the game is Heavy Street. Build it, make it heavy and hope you brought enough. Seven cars showed up to run, with the top qualifier being Mike Schmidt in his nitrous assisted 2002 Camaro, distancing himself from the field with a 4.460 at 156.82. Qualifying behind Schmidt was Joe Bitler in his 1969 Nova equipped with a Pro Charger, running a 4. 672 at 159.68. Eliminations were anything but predictable, with surprises coming left and right, including Don Cruz in his 1987 Grand National, standing it on the bumper. Schmidt was set to run “Lil Bull” in the finals.











Open Outlaw

The most creative class (in my opinion). Build it, whether it is a dragster or altered, show up and hope

you’ve brought enough to the dance. Five drivers showed up to try and win the $1500, with Craig Andrews qualifying on top with a 3.748 at 197.62, leaving a comfortable gap between himself and the number 2 qualifier Tracy Stunkard ran 4.489 at 181.37. Throughout eliminations, Stunkard was able to get ahold of the track running a 4.107 at 182.98, not too far behind Andrews who had a 3.80 bracket car.





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