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Meet Us

Ron Hamm
Founder of Door Slammers Drag Racing & Door Slammers 2
Team Lead, Programming, 3D Modeling 
Ron has been a racer his entire life. It started with pieced together Volkswagens during high school to now racing in his two 69' Camaros. Recently he had the opportunity to race on Street Outlaws ("Oh-Hi-No") where he was apart of the Team Ohio crew who raced against the best that the 405 had to offer. When he isn't racing, he's probably pulling an all nighter to bring the best updates possible to Door Slammers 2, the most realistic drag racing game made for racers, by racers!
Travis Jones
Marketing, Tech Support, Social Media, Runner Guy
Jason Sellars
3D Modeling, Project Coordinator, Makes Cars Go Vroom 
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