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Door Slammers 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I forgot my password!”

You can reset your password in the Door Slammers 2 account management screen. We can’t change your password for you


Q: “I made a purchase and I didn’t receive it”

Email us at and be sure to include your username and the receipt. We can get it added right away.


Q: “How do I create an account in Door Slammers 2?”

You can create an account in the game. If it’s your first time playing, you will be prompted to make an account or you can go to the account management screen and create an account there.


Q: “Can you help me tune my car?”

For tuning help you should check out some of the fan made pages/groups on Facebook or Instagram, or even ask the community on

Q: “Are Door Slammers 1 accounts usable with Door Slammers 2?”

No. However, you can create an account on both versions with the same email address


Q: “Can you change the email address associated with my account?”

No. Since we don’t have a proper way to verify ownership of an email address we can’t manually change this for security purposes. If you do have this issue, email us at and we can find a work around to get you up and running again.

Q: "Can I delete my account on Door Slammers 2?"

Yes. When you log in to your account on Door Slammers 2, you can click on the "Account" button on the left side of the screen. Then, click on the "Other Account Options" button in the upper left corner. This wtill take you to a menu to delete your account.

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