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Door Slammers is a free to play mobile drag racing game designed for iOS and Android.

First released in 2012, Door Slammers immediately rose to the top 1% of all apps worldwide. Over the next six years Door Slammers continues that success with an extremely loyal following and constant influx of new players as the most realistic mobile Drag Racing Game available.



Door Slammers Drag Racing has a strong public reach through a variety of outlets. Door Slammers was recently featured Street Outlaws (Season 8, Episode 4, “OH-HI-NO”) when Ron Hamm represented Team Ohio against Shane. Door Slammers 2 also sponsored the 2017 ADRL (American Drag Racing League) where we attended every race, had signs displayed along the track, sponsored a watermark for framed racer photos, and had a live game simulator set up for kids and adults to play Door Slammers 2 on the big screen. We also attend and race at a variety of other national events including Yellowbullet, No Mercy, and Lights Out.

Sponsored Cars​

Door Slammers Racing sponsors or works with a variety of cars including The Bad Bus, Boyd Beyers, Prater Racing, Collier Racing, Larry Morgan Race Cars, Disco Dean, and our own pair of 69’ Camaro’s and 53’ Corvette. 

Facility And Equipment 

We guarantee to bring you a high quality of work backed by our top of the line equipment. This includes three unique rooms that each fit into our needs.  

The Door Slammers development studio provides us with 5 separate work stations that include 12 various monitors, state of the art software, printer/scanner, and the latest gaming consoles for testing. 


The printing room, which is full of top of the line machinery, gives us the flexibility to print and design our shirts in house, print Door Slammers stickers, and print wraps for any type of automobile that customers want.

The attached workshop gives us the ability to maintain our drag cars, along with the room to analyze cars close up when developing new features for Door Slammers 2. This attention to detail is what keeps Door Slammers 2 the most realistic drag racing simulation available.

Mobile Simulator and Events


Every event we attend, wether we are sponsoring the race or competing, we bring our mobile simulator trailer with us. This set up gives people of all ages to try out Door Slammers 2 on the big screen while controlling all the action from a steering wheel setup. The trailer set up also allows us to sell our merchandise (all made in house) outside while the demo’s are taking place. Even during the trailers downtime at the tracks, it serves as a billboard for the Door Slammers 2 brand.

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